With Thanks

Thank you all for your hard work, combined with your dedication and your energy. Your contributions have not gone unnoticed!

It is Gratitude Month, yes, but our thankfulness has not wavered as your commitment to excellence is constant.

Each one of your efforts help secure our future success. You are industrious people, and your expert skillsets in designing and building are what make us renowned.  Your innovative ideas, passion for your craft and courage to challenge are what make us high performing teams. Your open communication, your understanding, and your authentic care are what bolster us, especially when challenges arise. Thanks to you all!

Challenges all of kinds are expected but can be endured.  Working through changes in scope, flex in roles and shifts in resources can create workload stress and possibly even anxiety. Reach out for support when needed. There are likely ways through the matter, which you may not realize. There are likely avenues of support in place you have access to. If you don’t know where to start with your question, just start with Human Resources. Though every work-related meme in the world might tell you otherwise, it may surprise you what those 2 words really mean.

If times are challenging, keep these in mind…

Separate fact from fiction.

                Best to stay away from making assumptions. Question that Big Fish story.

Deploy attack on pessimism.

                Shut down negative speak and counter with positivity and suggest solutions.

Rally your resilience.

                Lean into ways to help your team. Check in & Ask questions.

Take constructive action.

                Look for opportunities to grow and be more effective in your role.

Every day we all can pay attention to the ways to be more efficient and work better as teams. Many of you are close to the action and can identify things which would have an immediate impact. Look for ways to balance your workload. Plan your work week ahead, utilize collaborative communication tools, and complete work timely so others in queue can as well.  Utilize the technology that has been provided to you to streamline tasks. Suggest new and better ways we can get things done. Be accountable to one another and give shout outs when things so smoothly.

Take a moment to thank each other as well, now and all year round. Acknowledge the time, energy, and consideration those around you invest. Give others a reason to thank you also. Take a moment to listen and choose to build a bridge instead of a wall.  Keep each other safe and make good choices.

“The way to develop the best that is in a person is by appreciation and encouragement.” Charles Schwab

Looking forward to celebrating our Gratitude in person at our upcoming gathering in McMinnville.  We have so much to be grateful for and many more years of success to come.

Thank you all for your continued dedication to our values of Trust, Collaboration and Innovation!

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