The North Haven

Visit for your free Lincoln City Art Trail Digital Passport, which features this colorful mural at The North Haven, as well as other artful discoveries for both residents and visitors in this charming coastal community.

Located adjacent to what is arguably billed as THE WORLD’S SHORTEST RIVER, our current project renovating The North Haven is interesting for its colorful exterior art wall, and for providing our team with the challenges of transforming the building’s use and its physical environment.

Built originally as The Inn at Lincoln City at D River, this 57-room hospitality gem was purchased by a community-minded developer who turned it into temporary housing for people displaced by the 2021 fires at the nearby town of Otis. Now that the temporary use is no longer needed, O’Brien is converting the former hotel into condominiums with a complete building gut and remodel, new framing to repair weathering issues, and new living units replacing the former hotel lobby.

O’Brien Superintendent Dakota Weathers said that due to the building envelope’s poor condition, the team had to tear off and replace one entire exterior wall, while simultaneously constructing new gravity walls for the project’s demolition and reconstruction. “We had to build a whole deck system put up to the joists and then build walls to support the next floor up above so that we could rip out and replace the rotten wood,” Dakota explained.

However, our team is not making any changes to the building’s most unique exterior feature, its vibrantly colored mural which depicts two octopi swimming towards each other, tentacles outstretched. The mural was created within a 47-hour time span by artists Goonie Wolfe, Anthony Ortega and TME Crew. Anthony Ortega is a fine artist and tattoo artist based out of Reno, Nevada with a heavy background in large-scale art installations.