RootedHomes has chosen our architecture firm, Open Concept Architecture, to design their new sustainable community, Rooted in Redmond. In partnership with the Environmental Center, the community will include a large community garden that will be used as an outdoor classroom by homeowners and Redmond public school students to expand RootedHomes’ sustainability efforts in the greater community.


Rooted in Redmond is just the first of RootedHomes’ many new communities that go beyond Bend throughout Central Oregon. The project is a 23-home community, located at 345 NW 19th Street in Redmond, and will include new construction of 2- and 3-bedroom duplexes, triplexes, and quadplexes alongside the preservation of a 4-bedroom, 100+ year old farmhouse.

“too often growth is evaluated by what is done but not how things are done. For RootedHomes, true growth came from shifting the way in which we build affordable housing to be more innovative, nimble, and community-focused.

There’s a recipe for building affordable housing, but our intention is to go beyond that and pursue creative solutions that aim to solve the affordable housing crisis. We ask, “What is broken in the affordable housing system and how can we fix it?” We don’t just answer our own questions, we ask those we serve what barriers they are facing. And by listening to the needs of those with the highest barriers to homeownership, we begin to work through systemic problems identifying adaptations of the status quo and who has been left out because of that.”

Jackie Keogh, Executive Director at rootedhomes

O’Brien Design+Build and Open Concept Architecture are focused on expanding into the vital affordable housing sector. These projects are how we can continue to uphold our responsibility to those we serve, by providing better living for all. These projects are not just housing, but integrated and holistic communities.

Each building designed is part of a broader community context, and we know that the decisions we make have ripple effects that manifest over time in different ways. This is why we design buildings and site elements to create connectivity, stimulate interaction, and provide flexible spaces for people to come together.

We are proud to be partnering with RootedHomes in this endeavor. At O’Brien Design+Build and Open Concept Architecture, we come to work together every day determined to use our expertise in architecture and construction to help shape healthier, safer, more diverse, resilient, and sustainable communities that thrive.

Learn more here: Rooted in Redmond