Bend, OR







O’Brien & Company

We have a responsibility to evolve how we build to better serve our future. Yates Point is a 7-story cross laminate timber structure that utilizes new wood technologies to create an example of what it could mean to create more density in a way that still feels comfortable.
Yates Point is more than a building. It symbolizes the need to create a future that is regenerative. Its symbolizes what it means to use renewable material that is also more resilient to forest fires or a symbol for what is possible when you step outside the box and tailor a project to a specific community.
We wanted a building that captured the beauty and uniqueness of Bend. A community that loves to be outdoors, bike, hike, and walk everywhere. We asked, how do you create a denser footprint that obtains and celebrates the original story that was there before?

Yates Point is a pivotal project as it creates a place that is sustainable and wholly engrained within the context of the site and the native ecosystem of the local region. The project will be built around existing Ponderosa pine trees, built into the existing hill side, and where the wood of the building is celebrated as an abstraction of the forest.

The building will include minimal ecological impact and will merge seamlessly with the natural Bend environment. Mass timber is proposed for the above-grade building construction and is considered a primary driver of the project design, for its low embodied carbon impacts, its ability to be locally sourced and harvested, and its potential to simplify construction
Additionally, passive solar shading is employed along the primary south and west facing building elevations, informing the design of the exterior and reducing energy loads for mechanical systems. Other sustainable aspects include prefabricated insulated wood wall panels, PV panels at roof, and the potential for solar water heating.