Yamhill Carlton High School Tiger Dome Addition


Cloverdale, OR


40,745 Sq Ft


General Contracting


Public Works




O’Brien & Company


DLR Group

ZCS Engineering & Architecture

We had the opportunity to complete the Tiger Dome Project for the Yamhill Carlton High School. The project initially began in 2016 and was halted, and we helped bring the project to the finish line.

The Tiger Dome is the school’s gym where students, faculty, and families gather to enjoy competitive sports from on and off the stands. Playing sports can teach many life lessons such as teamwork, accountability, self-confidence, responsibility, and self-discipline. Sports in school help prepare students to face the challenges of life, and they enhance physical and mental abilities of students which helps them achieve their goals. We were reminded of these benefits when building out this project among the many other gyms we renovated for coastal schools.

The build out involved installation and finish of interior wall coverings, full installation of rough-in plumbing and plumbing fixtures for restrooms, sinks, and showers, installation of lighting systems, data cables, and any required fire alarm system, and installation of lockers and locker room seating areas.