Society 62


Portland, OR


7,500 Sq Ft


General Contracting






Ethos Development

O’Brien & Company

Koble Creative Architecture

Leaders like Ethos Development and OpenDoor Coliving are paving the way for market-driven, accessibly priced housing throughout the PNW.

From a Metro article by Rebecca Small, “Greater Portland is short an entire city’s worth of affordable homes for renters: about 48,000 homes. We all do better when everyone has the opportunity to live in a safe, decent home that they can afford. The benefits of that stability for individuals and families ripple outwards to our entire community, affecting everything from our schools, economy and morning commute.”

Society 62 offers community-style living where 29 bedrooms share common space over three communities offering affordable housing to the Portland area.

The project is also built to the Energy Trust of Oregon ‘Best’ standard and features a heat-pump hot water system, which is uncommon in multi-family projects, allowing the building to operate entirely on electric power.

We are proud to partner with leaders like Ethos and OpenDoor that are taking action to improve our future and our communities.

While the private rooms are compact, many offer vaulted ceilings which provide an open feel. The private rooms are a part of a self-contained community household equipped with a chef’s kitchen and an open plan living space.