Portland, OR


7,000 Sq Ft




EMA Architecture

As the name suggests, Shine Distillery & Grill doubles as a full-service restaurant and distillery—one of only a handful in Oregon.

Floor-to-ceiling distilling tanks create a captivating sight for patrons, and the rooftop patio offers a retreat from the pace of the lively surrounding neighborhood.

With EMA Architects design, we worked to revamp the bones of an existing building on North Williams Street to build out the new Shine Distillery & Grill.

The attractive, fashionable interior uses local elements, including repurposed burnt wood from the original structure to create the bar.

The eye-catching 130-gallon still located inside the restaurant was custom-designed locally by Bridgetown Brew Systems, Shine Distillery, and EMA Architecture, and assembled by our contracting team.
The custom micro-still reaches a height of 20 feet has the capacity to produce 60 gallons of ethanol a day. The steel and copper marvel was intentionally encased in glass, allowing patrons and passers-by to see the ins and outs of our distilling process.
Co-owners, Jon Poteet and Ryan Ruelos were on CNN Live with Don Lemon and shared their story about the hand cleaner they made in-house to give to our local community during a pandemic.