Seaside Civic & Convention Center


Seaside, OR




Holst Architecture

After 45 years and an increase in visitors, it was time for a large renovation of the Seaside Civic & Convention Center. The expansion added 19% more event space, maintenance facilities, and storage capacity totaling 55,000 square feet.

The project involved renovations and upgrades to ballrooms, offices, lighting, storage, and plumbing. It also included a new lobby, a second plaza, a 35% expansion to the Necanicum Ballroom, new meeting spaces, and several new entrances. The project was completed in several phases, and the building remained operational throughout the entire renovation process.

Keeping the convention center fully operational throughout construction was one of the largest challenges. The team worked closely with the Fire Marshal and other officials to ensure proper exits and access points were approved and safe for the community. The team built the staircase to be both safe and aesthetically pleasing and to minimize any disruption during events.

The O’Brien guys have been outstanding and very professional. I couldn’t wish for a better group of on task and dedicated staff. My personal note of thanks and gratitude to you and all of the staff behind the scenes for making this project a reality!

Russell Vandenberg, CVE
General Manager Seaside Civic & Convention Center

We are proud to share that this project took 3rd place for the Public Parks/Spaces category for the 2021 DJC TopProjects Awards.