Portland, OR


28,000 Sq Ft




Sum Design Studio

Move over Willy Wonka, Portland’s own Salt & Straw’s Manufacturing Kitchen was specifically built as an exploration and celebration of food innovations. The new $2 million building is mainly for “kitchen stuff, to make the best ice cream and create a lovely working environment for our team,” says Salt & Straw co-founder Kim Malek.

Located in Portland’s eastside Enterprise Zone (E Zone), the Salt & Straw team makes up to 100 batches of ice cream every day to be distributed to Scoop Shops nationwide. And if that’s not impressive enough, eighty percent of everything that goes into their ice cream— chocolate, coffee, jam, spirits, and other mix-ins—is made right here as well.

Because of their amazing expansion, Salt & Straw needed a much larger production, R & D and administrative HQ space. The generous commercial kitchen features an enormous freezer that holds product at negative 40 degrees, and workstations filled with buckets of fresh Oregon berries and jugs of cream.

“We are moving our exact ice cream makers over to this new facility,” Malek said. “We make our ice cream five gallons at a time and we hand pack every single pipe — in fact, if you turn it over, they sign the bottom and you can see who put each brownie and handmade caramel in.”