John Day Innovation Gateway Project


John Day, OR


Area plan, hotel, event center, community pavilion, greenhouse




Open Concept Architecture

Walker Macy

This award winning project aims to honor the history of John Day while helping to creating new economic engines for the future. Nestled in the mountains of eastern Oregon, the community was originally propelled by the ranching, mining, and timber industries, but has endured three decades of steady population decline. Additionally, the disruption to the natural resource economy in the 1990s left the City struggling economically.

We are currently partnering with the City of John Day and Walker Macy on an award-winning community development and design plan called the Innovation Gateway Project to help improve the community.

Our contribution is a new 50-room hotel and event center which will allow for long term guests to enjoy the amenities John Day has to offer.

Leaders like Nick Green, City Manager of the City of John Day and Zachary Mannheimer, founder and CEO of Alquist 3D are pushing the boundaries of the industry and making an incredible impact. The community is experimenting with greenhouse and using wastewater to grow produce and improve livability. We are so proud to be able to play a part in the transformation. Learn more about how the future of home building in Oregon is about to change this year with the first ever Oregon 3D printed home!

site plan
The existing building was built as the Metropolitan Community Church. Its distinctive Arts and Crafts steeple and bracketed gables making this building a landmark in that area.
perspective from southeast