Tualatin, OR


50,000 Sq Ft




EMA Architecture

We have completed a variety of projects for Brew Dr. Kombucha over the last few years totaling up to $14.5 million.

Outgrowing their original space, Brew Dr. Kombucha looked to our firm to help renovate a 50,000-square-foot warehouse into a new kombucha processing facility with distilling in Tualatin, Oregon.

The facility included the installation of three Spinning Cone Columns (SCC stills), a massive cooler, more than 80 large fermentation tanks, and other brewery equipment. This unique distilling system was brought from Australia to completely extract the alcohol from the kombucha. No one else in the U.S. is doing this currently, making Brew Dr. advanced in their process and producing a quality product. Construction of a new bottling and canning line and administrative offices was also a large aspect of the new facility.

During the build, our project team developed solutions from cost-saving reusable air ventilation to complex mechanical configuring to promote the most efficient and profitable output for the operation.