Carleton, OR


19,325 Sq Ft




Telford Brown Studio


Open Concept Architecture

Abbey Road Farm Winery and Tasting Room sits atop a stunning 82-acre site. Abbey Road Farm wine and the Wilkens Family Reserve label are coaxed into existence with minimal intervention, producing a diverse array of small-batch wines on-location with respect to old-world philosophies and a focus on modern techniques. Designed for producing approximately 8,000 cases of wine, and able to barrel 4,800 cases, this winery was designed to be both efficient and extremely flexible.

The former equestrian arena was transformed into a functioning winery and tasting room with all the amenities of a ground-up-designed production facility, but the character of a historic agricultural building. O’Brien’s team was able to maintain the historic building’s structure relatively intact, with the addition of structural infill within the existing trusses.

The outdoor crush space is brand new to the building and this allowed us to build it with more industrial, robust materials than the rest of the building to support the traffic of people and equipment. O’Brien also partnered with Abbey Road on a subsequent barrel room expansion project.