Stephanie Inn


Stephanie Inn


Construction projects and renovations in the hospitality industry are extremely time sensitive, because every day we are not open, or have rooms down, we are losing revenue. O’Brien & Company understands and works within our timeframes. They always find a way to do it right and on schedule.

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Project description

Dark wood and intricate features transport you when you walk through the double glass doors of the Stephanie Inn. Classic and luxurious, cozy and sophisticated—it’s gorgeous. O’Brien completed a multimillion dollar renovation in eight weeks so the Inn would not remain closed too long.

Make Memories

Guest suites featuring natural wooden beams, fireplaces featuring reclaimed timber, high end finishes, and ocean views make any stay at the Stephanie Inn a memorable experience.

A Stay Like No Other

Specialty dormer suites offer architectural originality and elegance for guests looking for something even more special.


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