O’Brien Summer Sponsorships

Buildings are not just a part of the landscape; they are a part of the community around them. At O’Brien Design+Build, we know what an awesome responsibility it is to build the places that inform the cultural identity of our home state. But the relationship between place and people goes further than just design and construction. Everyone at O’Brien is an active member of the communities we serve. We live and work at the Coast, in the Valley, in Portland, and in Central Oregon. And to show our appreciation for the people that make our hometowns a better place, we are always working to deepen our connection to these locales through outreach and sponsorships.

We at O’Brien are proud to present a look at some of our summer sponsorships.

We will be attending the Tillamook County Fair with a booth to promote our Apprenticeship Program, an alternative path to a rewarding future outside of a traditional four-year university. We have partnered with Tillamook Bay Community College, Central Oregon Community College, SunWest Builders, Kirby Nagelhout, and CS Construction to oversee training across all of Oregon and invest in the next generation of carpenters and builders. O’Brien is a founding member of the Oregon Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC), an approved Registered Apprenticeship which is regulated by the Bureau of Labor and Industry. Through the JATC, apprentices can build a career in construction and earn an accredited education debt-free, all while being paid to learn.

This 4-year program includes online classes, in-person working labs taught by NCCER Certified Instructors, and on-the-job training mentored by Journeyman Carpenters from each training agent. The resources provided by O’Brien and the JATC support a pathway which is built to consider diverse learning styles, geographic variables, and the economic hurdles of an education. Embracing innovative means of distance learning is at our forefront.

For more information, please email Crystal Henderson at crystalh@sunwestbuilders.com

¡Salud! is a Hillsboro Medical Center Foundation, a unique collaboration between physicians and vintners with the mission of providing vital healthcare services to the vineyard steward population. ¡Salud! serves 3,000 vineyard workers and their families each year with accessible, affordable healthcare and personalized support for whatever challenges they face, preventing and eliminating medical debt.

Our founder, Keeley O’Brien, is a member of their board. We sponsored and helped promote their Summertime E-Auction, an opportunity for supporters to bid on many selections of the very best Pinot Noir from an esteemed group of Willamette Valley wineries and donate to a great cause!

Learn more about this innovative healthcare outreach program here:


Solar Oregon is a nonprofit that has worked to promote and expand the adoption of solar energy in Oregon and SW Washington through education and advocacy since 1979. They are helping lead the way to a clean energy future that can be achieved through efficient technology and renewable energy, by leading tours, delivering workshops, and advocating for pro-solar policies to help homeowners and communities navigate and accelerate the development of solar energy. Recognizing that businesses, local governments, and non-profit organizations all play a major role in reducing our energy footprint, Solar Oregon reaches out to the professional and corporate community alike.

As long-time supporters of their cause, we were the “Title Sun” top sponsor for their Solar Winery Tour, Shine on Women in Wine, a tour focused on highlighting the women of the wine industry.

Learn more about this Green Movement advocate group and their vision here:


Catholic Youth Organization/Camp Howard is Oregon and SW Washington’s largest private youth sport program, offering eight sports, middle school dances during Fall, Winter and Spring seasons, and summer camp experiences for children of all backgrounds in a beautiful setting in the Mt. Hood Wilderness. CYO/Camp Howard exists to provide opportunities for youth, ages 6 – 17, of any race, nationality or religion to discover and be reassured of their self-worth as individuals and as valuable members of society.  It provides activities of a social, cultural, and recreational nature. From this awareness, youth are encouraged to use their talents in service to others and their community.

O’Brien will be a presenting sponsor for their Champions of Faith Benefit Dinner, in an effort to ensure that 11,000 youth in the greater Portland Metropolitan area experience life-building moments by participating in CYO sports and attending summer camp at Camp Howard, regardless of their socio-economic status.

Learn more about this essential youth program here:


The Astoria Regatta is a four-day festival featuring multiple parades, Regatta Square celebration, and other events throughout the area. Beginning in 1894, the festival is a time-honored community tradition that has become the oldest celebration in Oregon’s oldest city and one of the oldest festivals in the West.

Astoria’s history has always centered on the Columbia River. From the 1700s when Native Americans, navigators, and explorers plied the river’s waters, to our modern era of massive cargo ships and barges, Astoria has a rich maritime history. The region has seen an endless stream of fishermen, U.S. Navy sailors and Coast Guardsmen, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers survey vessels, bar and river pilots, maritime merchants from three-masted clipper ships to sleek new freighters, and countless pleasure and sport crafts. The Astoria Regatta is a celebration of this phenomenal combination of geography, culture, heritage, maritime experience, expertise, and history.

We will be supporting the festival as a Coho Sponsor to help aid in the mission of providing scholarships, leadership development, community events, and community service events to the Astoria community.

Learn more about this historic festival here: