Lets Celebrate our Apprentices

Andrew and Derick on a jobsite
Andrew and Derick at a jobsite in Newport.
Dakota and Jimmie on a jobsite
Dakota and James at a jobsite in Garibaldi.

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone: Andrew Adams and James Callister have earned the first nationally portable credentials for the NCCER Core from Tillamook Bay Community College. TBCC went to great lengths to help us refine and relaunch the OCJATC’s program as a Related Training Provider. They procured certifications, obtained grants, partnered with other community colleges, and established access to their training for our fellow OCJATC member’s Apprentices in Central Oregon.  Andrew and James have just completed their academic year in the program as Apprentices working on O’Brien’s coast projects. 

In addition to their accomplishments, David Weathers also just completed a first. To facilitate the delivery of this related training to our own Apprentices, he was hired by TBCC as an Adjunct Instructor. All the training was done at the newly constructed Nestucca CTE center (Career Technical Education ) where David over sought the build. This is his 2nd year leading instruction and supporting the growth of our Apprenticeship program.  As his full-time day job, he is also our most tenured Senior Superintendent and oversees all labor on the Coast. Thank you, David!

The 4-year Carpenter Apprenticeship requirements are 576 hours per year of related classroom training and a total of 8,000 hours of on-the-job. Andrew and James work each day, under the mentorship of a Journeyman Carpenter who oversees their on-the-job hours as defined by the BOLI standards.  They attend classes and study sessions in the evenings taught by a TBCC Instructor. Then attend in person Saturday labs, taught by David Weathers, where a project is built which focuses on the work processes required for that portion of the course. If that sounds like a bunch of extra work that they are all committed to, then you are correct…it is! Andrew has over 2,950 on-the-job hours as of last month and James has just over 1,000 since joining the program last September.

Andrew holds a special place in the heart of this program as he embarked on this journey with us during the initial year. His commitment was unwavering as the issues of a brand-new program were worked through and an accredited related training provider was secured. He even had to endure starting over with some of his coursework. Thank you, Andrew!

We want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the entire team for their dedication and hard work in making this achievement possible. The goal of building a skilled workforce for the future is in our sites.

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