Our Process

Integrated. Informed. Effective.

We offer a variety of services but believe design+build delivers the greatest performance and value.

Concept Design


This phase includes project initialization, site and building scans, site and zoning analysis, and early plans to define our scope of work.

Click here to see a drone scan in action.

Schematic Design


In this phase, we add definition to the concept design, provide an early engineering analysis, and refine our cost data. Using virtual reality walkthroughs, our clients can test the design and ensure it meets their needs. If larger design/cost/performance adjustments are required, our project team can handle this now with minimal cost.

Design Development; Permitting; Procurement

In this next phase, we dive in with advanced architectural drawings and engineering, construction pricing, permit submission, and enhanced visualizations. To ensure your project stays on schedule, we also procure our long lead-time items at this time.

Click here to see our design development phase in action.



An integrated team approach ensures build professionals have vetted the design for constructibility and are able to break ground upon permit issuance. Augmented reality headsets allow BIM model to be overlaid during site walks and increase quality control.

Click here to see an augmented reality site walk in action.