Employee Spotlight: Stephanie Phillips

A Stephanie Phillips baseball card which includes a photo and stats of some achievements in her 10 years at O'Brien.
The Unofficial Stephanie Phillips Baseball Card
*some stats not officially verified; estimates are very close ; -)
Stephanie on a bridge in front of a pond at the Portland Japanese Garden
The Incredible Stephanie Phillips
A group photo featuring Stephanie Phillips and a few team members from the Portland Office.
A group photo featuring Stephanie Phillips and a few team members from the Portland Office.

Q&A with Stephanie

I pursued higher education with the goal of becoming a teacher, attaining a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. Initially hired by Keeley and his wife McKenzie as a nanny for their two children, my role gradually expanded within the company as the children matured. Transitioning from handling credit card receipts and running errands, I eventually assumed the position of Operations Coordinator, marking an unforeseen and transformative entry into this industry.

I cherish the diversity in my job, where one day I could be welcoming a new team member during onboarding, and the next day, I find myself in the field, spreading cheer among the crew. The unique aspect of my role in both human resources and marketing allows me the privilege of interacting with every member of the company.

It was my ten-year anniversary with the company. I love that I have been a part of the company since the beginning and have helped it transform into the company it is now.

I work at multiple offices, but my main office is the downtown Portland office. This is where I was born and raised. I love being close to family and to all of the fun events in Portland.

The springtime tulip festival in Woodburn is absolutely stunning, and during Christmas, the Oregon Zoo transforms into a magical spectacle with its captivating light decorations. The Portland Japanese Garden is a breathtaking experience in the fall, adorned with the most enchanting array of colors. Additionally, exploring the diverse and delicious restaurants around our office in NW Portland is always a culinary delight.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Ask for help from others that have more experience or knowledge in areas you aren’t strong in yet.

I absolutely love traveling—it’s my ultimate passion. Exploring new places and immersing myself in different cultures is what I live for. From a cross-country road trip and adventures in Las Vegas to the enchantment of Disneyland, my next destination is the Dominican Republic, just 8 days away.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Starting at a new company and getting the hang of their processes and technology can be tough and overwhelming. No question is too trivial. If you need assistance, just reach out.