Employee Spotlight: Ryan Snead

People who learn and ask questions go far. With his communication skills and drive he clearly has a bright future ahead of him.

I have worked with Ryan for around 6 months remotely, having him in the coast office while he is living with his family in eastern Oregon. Taking on a remote, mixed-style role has really helped him embed and integrate himself into a wider array of projects and collaborate with new teammates.

Ryan is a man who chases things down, not afraid to put his bags on, jump in, and do whatever is necessary to get the job done. He embodies the core values of O’Brien through his consistency and dedication to the work. 

-Derek Salo, Project Manager, Coast Office

Q&A with Ryan

I just enjoy building, and I like getting into the details and the minutiae of projects.

It’s fulfilling to be part of something large that you can be a part of all the way through. There are times when it can be not as fun, but seeing projects through is very rewarding.

Being able to collaborate across distances, being involved in construction innovation, helping other offices and managers, and sharing knowledge.

Working with Joel Braun at Stephanie Inn, coming into a job partway through and doing whatever needs to be done to keep it on track and moving forward.

In Bend, Spork is my go-to for a carnitas sando. Mt. Bachelor and Elk Lake for snowmobiling.

Having the opportunity to work with and learn from the Coast team. It’s a big team that works on a wide array of projects.

You never know when opportunities are coming.

Be ready, learn, get challenged, and get the job done. Jump in there and do! Your drive will take you as far as you are willing to go.

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