Employee Spotlight: Randi Lacy

“Randi joined OCA right after graduation, and over the year and a half that I’ve gotten to know her, she’s shown an impressive willingness to jump into projects and help facilitate in whatever capacity is needed. She maintains an extremely high bar for herself, she’s selfless, and she brings a calm, steady, and stabilizing presence to all the projects she’s involved in. Plain and simple, Randi is a pleasure to work with, and I hear that sentiment echoed constantly by clients and team members alike.

When Randi says she’s going to do something, it always gets done right. If she doesn’t know something, she communicates it directly, gets the right information, and always follows through. A lot of times, folks will tell you what they think you want to hear, but Randi takes the time to learn and provide what’s needed.

Randi’s a deep diver. She pushes forward until she gets the most effective, distilled answer or solution she can find, and she’s always willing to learn new skills to make innovative ideas tangible. When she worked on the construction sequencing video for the Sojourn project, she was able to help the team visualize complex construction sequences and timelines, and quantify that in a way that deeply resonated with the investor team. I’ve since shown that video to global vice presidents and various other folks within the areas that we work, and commonly receive the comment that they’ve never seen anything quite like it. That wouldn’t happen without Randi.

Randi’s growth potential is tremendous. She holds a lot of quiet traits that are extremely powerful, and I’m excited to see her gain more and more confidence in her abilities. She exhibits all the qualities that you would look for from a leadership perspective, and while early in her career, her role has already greatly expanded. When it comes to Randi’s career trajectory, the sky’s the limit.”

— Jeremy Cogdill, OCA Managing Principle, Portland Office

Randi and her dog Stormy, enjoying blue skies on Mount Hood.

Q&A with Randi

I have always enjoyed building and reimagining how spaces or processes could be more efficient or experiential. My dad is in the industry, so I grew up around construction workers and would help out on jobs in the summers. I discovered that I found joy in making things and being a part of a team. Ultimately, I’m in the industry to be a part of something bigger than myself and use my creative tendencies to make a real difference in how we interact with the built environment.

I love the collaborative part of design-build and being able to work with a team that has extensive resources and experience to offer. I enjoy the flexibility of the work environment and being able to work on a variety of project types.

Creating the construction sequencing video for Yates Point was a moment where I learned to synthesize information and merge ideas of cost, time, and construction logistics into a distilled video that could reach a broad audience. Through the process of creating the video I discovered just how valuable it is to be able to lean over and ask the build team questions about how these processes actually work in the field.

Portland Office – I moved to Portland from Missouri for grad school and quickly fell in love with the area so decided to stick around. Oregon is a magical place.

Rukdiew Cafe for their Crab Rangoon, and trying new food trucks around Portland. I enjoy skiing on Mt. Hood in the winter and paddle boarding with my dog Stormy in the summers.

I’ve learned that communication is key. Coordinating with the full team is essential to being a part of a successful project. Get to know your team; there is so much we can learn from each other.

This year I have enjoyed networking in the industry and having the opportunity to attend the Mass Timber Conference and IPNC event. These experiences outside of the office help to ignite the ‘why’ behind the work we are doing and bring an enlightened level of reality and innovation to our craft.

Use your resources and always question the ‘why’ behind what you are doing! Never be afraid to ask questions and reach out for support. Our team has your back and wants to help you succeed.

4 thoughts on “Employee Spotlight: Randi Lacy

  1. Randi is the best! She operates with a solutions oriented mindset and always does what is best for the team 🙂 We are truly blessed to have her on our crew!

  2. Randi, I love that you mention your design-build experience here and the ability to “lean over”. So often I remind myself and others to “lean in” but this is even BETTER language that supports our team collaboration values! Thank you for continuing to inspire us all!

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