Employee Spotlight: Jeff Stafford

Q&A with Jeff

I grew up in this industry. I started out when I was pretty young. My dad was a concrete finisher when I was a kid, before I was born. When I got to be around 10, 11, 12 years old he would take me to work with him sometimes. If it was on the weekend he would take me, and I’d help him. I mean, my dad is my hero. So, you know, being around my dad and doing the same thing my dad does, that was always good. Still enjoy being around him.

I’m in the Valley at our Dundee location. Chris Mallett brought me on my last year at Allegis. I was doing the Mox Boarding House in Portland. On his first visit he asked me if I was interested in leaving and working for O’Brien, and I said I didn’t have any reason to. When I was finishing the project, it turned out they were considering closing the Portland Division. The main office is in Seattle, and I have no desire to live in Seattle. So, I interviewed with Keeley and Hank and Chris Mallet, they made me an offer, and I accepted. The Valley is what I interviewed for, coming out to wine country to do wineries, and tasting rooms and stuff like that. And here I am, going on 4 years now.

Don’t take anything for granted. Don’t assume because your title is superintendent, that you are only going to do Superintendent duties. Don’t assume because your title is project manager that you’re only going to do project management duties. There’s something this company has taught me: blur the line. I’ve probably learned more in four years with this company than I have in the last dozen easily.

So far this year I’m making a little more progress on a project, so that’s good in terms of stress relief. My better half got a promotion at work, so she’s making a little more money, so that’s good.

Keep an open mind. Appreciate the opportunity to be here. Regardless of all the headaches and the growing pains, I appreciate what I’ve learned since I’ve been here. There are some relationships that have developed here that I’m very grateful for. There are some good people in this company that really make a difference.

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