Employee Spotlight: Greg Pitts

Q&A with Greg

I’ve always enjoyed building things. I especially enjoy building houses and hotels. I like to seeing the progression of the projects from beginning to start.

I work out of the Cannon Beach office or the jobsite. It’s closest to my projects and where I live. I’ve lived in Nehalem my whole life. My first project for O’Brien was actually in Nehalem.

Be a good communicator. It makes the projects go smoother. I talk with subs on the phone in addition to email/schedule so we are all on the same page.

Going camping with my kids at Cook Creek campground. I look forward to it every year.

Be reliable, be willing to do tasks and have a good attitude while doing it. Ask lots of questions. Also, be willing to learn and want to better yourself and move up in the company.

One thought on “Employee Spotlight: Greg Pitts

  1. Greg Pitts I have heard so many good things about you at O’Brien! I know that we haven’t worked together much but I really enjoyed learning more about you and look forward to the time when we DO work more together in landing great new clients and projects for you to run for the team…



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