Employee Spotlight: Elly Carroll

“Elly is a shining example of how you can work your way up in the company.  Having worked multiple roles, Elly knows the company inside and out. She is a perfect fit for HR Director because her experience allows her to put herself in other’s shoes. She does so much work for our employees that people don’t see, and I want her to be recognized for all the time and hard work she puts into this company.

Elly embodies our core values and is constantly integrating them into our everyday work. Being trustworthy and dependable are some of the most important aspects of human resources, and I know that if I tell Elly something she will be discreet and respect my privacy, only involving those who need to be. Elly is always working with everyone in the entire company and making sure that all divisions are on the same page, from Safety to Equipment and from the coast all the way to Central Oregon. She has helped O’Brien grow so much in its first 10 years with her innovative ideas, and how she pushed forward the core values that play such a large role in our sense of community and teamwork. Since she works in all areas of the company, she can see holistically what we need to do to become a better company and how to put those ideas into action.

Elly has a huge heart and is truly such a caring and supportive person. She is a not only a great boss and co-worker, but a wonderful friend as well.”

-Stephanie Phillips, Operations Coordinator, Portland Office
Elly and her sons enjoying a day in the beautiful woods
Elly and her sons enjoying a day in the beautiful woods.

Q&A with Elly

You might say accidentally (lol) but really most things happen for a reason. Vito introduced me to Keeley back in 2015, since he was aware I had years of Operational expertise. My experience pretty much translates to any industry, so even though I knew nothing about construction I was able to learn and fill a need for O’Brien.

Helping people, then see them help others.

Late in 2019 I made the decision to begin a path of certification in Human Resources. I had no idea that come Spring of 2020, this would mean a crash course in emergency management planning, policy writing, and regulatory law. It felt like an incredible success not only surviving the first year of hardships and unknowns that Covid brought on us, but also from a management point of view—knowing that all my teammates, partners and our projects were able to remain safe and healthy. Phew!

Since I work for all divisions and I’m often needed all over the place, I don’t have an actual physical office location. BUT I started at the coast office in Cannon Beach and that is where I sat for many years. I still live at the coast so when I’m working from my home office, that is where I am.

The Pelican Pub in Cannon Beach was the first client meeting I went to with Keeley, and it became my first project experience. After completion, it became a place for new-hire welcome lunches, holiday events, and even a local spot for my sons and I to meet up for a burger and a view. It’s an awesome thing to sit in a finished building that you helped bring into existence!

Communicate, communicate, communicate… Then communicate some more!

My youngest son graduated from high school. I’m happily enjoying my empty nesting, having launched two kind and fun humans out into the world!

Ask questions, don’t make assumptions, share your knowledge and always be open to other people’s ideas and know-how.

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  1. Wonderful post, Stephanie and Elly – I love the pic of you with your sons in the beautiful forest!

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