Employee Spotlight: David Weathers

“I’ve worked with David for 9 years now, and throughout that time he has consistently shown the ability to take on any role O’Brien has asked of him. He is a strong leader and educator and has been a great role model to all who work under him. David embodies all of O’Brien’s core values in his strong sense of communication and in his creativity. He is a dedicated teammate who takes pride in all his projects, and works hard to keep owners, subcontractors, and O’Brien team members proactive and on the same page. He likes a good challenge that tests his ability to get to the finish line, and he always finds a way to deliver on projects with difficult time frames.

David has a bright future at O’Brien. I see him being the General Superintendent for the coast, mentoring the younger upcoming supers, and one day working up to being the next Chief of Field Operations after Chris Mallet retires.”

— Shane Curl, Coast Team Senior Project Manager

Q&A with David

My father was an owner-operator of a small construction company, and I was on the job as soon as I could walk. No child labor laws within the family. I have been running my own crews and managing projects from a very young age and have never had a job other than construction my whole life.

What I enjoy the most is all the different locations I get to travel to, and meeting new people with every new project. Building is truly rewarding. Seeing all the work come together at the end of a project is so gratifying. There are many projects I drive by daily that I cannot help but look at with fond and sometimes not so fond memories.

I completed the NCCER instructor course and will have the opportunity to teach and share my experience with our apprentices coming up through the JATC program.

I work out of the cannon beach office and live in Tillamook. My family moved from Hood River to the coast just after I graduated high school.

My favorites are the rivers, whether floating on the tubes with the family or chasing fish I really enjoy the water.

It is most important to include all team players in as much as possible through each step of the process. Everything runs so much smoother when the entire team knows exactly why decisions were made and that they were the best decisions.

There has been a lot happening so far this year and I know the best is yet to come. I am proud, honored, and excited to have been a part of building the new CTE building in Nestucca. There will be so many generations of builders, welders, and mechanics going through that building. For so many years the hands-on experience of shop has been taken away from the kids, and it’s great to see it coming back and to be a part of that.

Try to get to know as many coworkers as possible ASAP. We have a lot of great people working with us—a lot of great people who ride for the brand and are so willing to go out of their way and help out with anything and everything. Also, don’t hesitate to ask questions.

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