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Employee Spotlight: Dave Deardorff

“I’ve known Dave since we started working together 33 years ago in 1990. In that time, we have worked on projects together too numerous to count, many hours and endless days working shoulder to shoulder. I know Dave to be a close friend, an excellent craftsman, a skillful builder, and a problem-solver with decades of experience managing and completing projects. Dave plans carefully and executes skillfully. His work ethic and commitment to his projects are unsurpassed in this industry, and you know we are an industry of workaholics.

Working alongside Dave, his enthusiasm is contagious. His years of experience as both a journeyman and a manager allow him to blur the lines between project management and superintendent responsibilities, and to have realistic expectations with his team, building cohesion and comradery.  Dave not only demonstrates proficiency in every aspect of our work, from construction to accounting to management software, he is an expert who is willing and able to train others.

Dave on a fresh powder snow day with his snowmobile.

Dave is committed to embracing change and new processes. His curiosity drives him to constantly look for new solutions. He is never satisfied with what we have achieved in the past, always blazing forward to gain a little more, achieve a little better, and find the inefficiencies and make effective change.

Dave has a strong reputation for honesty and integrity all over the western United States, the kind of reputation which takes years to develop. Without reservation I can say that his word is his bond. Dave doesn’t pull any punches—he is honest and straight forward with his team and with our clients, and willing to do whatever is necessary to support the efforts in the field.

It is perhaps Dave’s greatest strength that he is a careful listener who follows up on what the client’s needs are. Dave’s ability to listen is a quality I have long admired and is a quality that allows him to gain the confidence of our clients like few in the industry can. The trust given to him is not wasted on him as his diligence and follow through create clients who request him when they are return customers.

Dave is a natural leader and I believe he will continue to engage each challenge with his servant’s heart to support his teams (and any within the company who reach out to him). He holds fast to the wheel and keeps a weather eye as he sets course for success within our projects, building our apprenticeship programs, and as we work to achieve our goals together.

– Chris Mallett, Chief of Field Operations

Q&A with Dave

I have been involved in many diverse occupations throughout my life: operating logging, farming and heavy construction equipment; grain industry millwright; welder in a fabrication shop; OTR truck driver; CCW for juvenile delinquents; branch manager of a temp agency; and many phases of standard residential & commercial construction—foreman, superintendent, and now project management. This industry allows me to pull from my varied life experience and apply it to whatever project is at hand.

I enjoy problem solving so that the current task or job can move forward with all the parts meshing in an efficient manner. Also, many of my best and longest friendships are with people (like Chris Mallett) in this industry.

I have spearheaded the creation of two BOLI approved apprenticeship programs in the state of Oregon. Creating avenues of success for people getting into the trades is an achievement I am proud of.

I was recently living in northern Idaho, managing Skyview Apartments. As we looked forward to Skyview’s completion, I was given the opportunity to continue my career with O’Brien in any location we had an office. I chose to come to the Valley specifically to work with Hank Smith. I believe his knowledge and years of service are vital to filling in some gaps in my construction education and experience.

I have always loved the Oregon coast. Watching the sun set into the ocean provides a moment of peace I have found nowhere else in my life. I also enjoy snowmobiling with my friends. Mt. Bailey is a fun spot we try to experience every year.

It is possible for construction to evolve into a collaborative, more efficient process. It will take lots of work and changes in the way we think and operate, but it is a worthy goal.

Being involved in O’Brien leadership meetings is exciting.  It offers the opportunity to have a voice and work with others who are pushing to make this company a benchmark in our industry. 

Unlike many companies, O’Brien offers everyone the opportunity and tools to learn and grow.  Take advantage of working with a great team and find the people who can give you the answers you need to keep learning, growing, and moving forward.

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  1. In the last couple of years working with Dave, I can attest to all that is stated above by Chris. It has been a pleasure having him as a teammate, and learning from him. He is efficient in his methods of communication and problem solving by finding the most direct route to the objective. Anyone would be fortunate to work alongside him. In addition to his honed skills above it turns out he is also a thoughtful, fun person and even an extremely talented musician!

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