Employee Spotlight: Chrisi Cover

Welcome to our third Employee Spotlight post! We hope that you are enjoying learning more about members of our team through this new format. Please reach out to us if you have people in mind for future Employee Spotlight posts.

Today’s post features Chrisi Cover, who has been promoted to the position of Accounting Manager here at O’Brien Design+Build. Our CFO Paul Strassmaier told me that Chrisi came to mind right away for an Employee Spotlight because she embodies our core value of trust; I have your back and you have mine.

“Chrisi has made a great difference in getting things done as a team because she is constantly looking for ways to help other team members. Promoting Chrisi to Accounting Manager is recognition of the work that she is already doing to help others and make them better at what they do. To be effective, her role is about being both a policeman and a servant, so you are alternating between roles as you want to both help everyone get things done while at the same time follow the guidelines we’ve set up. Chrisi handles this duality very well. She has tons of experience in all aspects of accounting and what really differentiates Chrisi is her willingness to step in and to do anything for the benefit of the team – so she also exhibits collaboration. She has the tenacity required in the billing role to push, push, push to get to the heart of things and not give up. This is particularly important on the billing side because if we give up, we don’t get revenue. Chrisi’s insights and thoughts bring our team value well beyond accounting. I look forward to how she will continue to add to people’s knowledge and success here at the company.” Paul Strassmaier, CFO

Q&A with Chrisi

I love that it is fast-paced and all projects are different– keeps you on your toes.

I love working with others and working in a fast-paced environment where there is always something to be done and wearing many hats is regularly required.

I work in the Portland office. I have always worked in the Portland Metro area; living previously in Milwaukie and now in Oregon City.

I absolutely love visiting anywhere on the Coast. My other favorite local place is my Mom’s farm in Boring.

Listen and then speak; and most importantly, ask questions! I believe all questions are good questions when it comes to learning and growing in your respective positions. 

I was promoted to Accounting Manager! I am so excited to take on this role with the company and hope to help grow our accounting team to be the best we can possibly be for O’Brien. To succeed, we all need to work together as a team and continue to grow and learn in all accounting aspects. As always, communication is key.

Utilize all the tools and software O’Brien has to offer and ask questions if you are unsure or if you do not understand something.