Two submissions have been entered for DJC’s Top Project 2024. We extend our gratitude to all involved in Nestucca CTE and The Stephanie Inn projects! Stay tuned until June to discover the winners. Meanwhile, explore brief insights into each project below.

Nestucca CTE aerial

Like many rural areas, the Nestucca region of the Oregon Coast faces challenges in providing diverse and accessible educational opportunities for its youth. Nestucca Valley School District’s (NVSD) recently completed new Career Technical Education (CTE) Center seeks to address this gap by offering hands-on opportunities for technical and vocational education tailored to meet the evolving needs of students and industries alike.

To meet the forward-thinking client’s goals, the building needed to be flexible and adaptable; having the ability to build a tiny home or trailer in the space and provide courses that varied from virtual welding simulators to a full-scale wood shop. With those goals in mind, the team set out to design and build a fully enclosed CTE building that would allow the spaces to be used with flexibility, providing courses and training for students.

Having a client with a vision for its community backed up with optimism and gumption set the tone for the team’s high level of collaboration towards defined goals including:

Empowerment through Education: Provide students with hands-on, practical learning experiences that equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in various career paths.

Industry Alignment: Collaborate closely with local businesses, industries, and community partners to ensure that program offerings align with workforce demands and industry standards.

Career Pathway Development: Establish clear and defined pathways for students to explore different career options, allowing them to make informed decisions about their future endeavors.

Equity and Inclusion: Foster an inclusive learning environment that celebrates diversity and promotes equal opportunities for all students, regardless of background or circumstances.

Community Engagement: Actively engage with the Nestucca community to garner support, involvement, and feedback, ensuring that the CTE Center remains responsive to the needs of its constituents.

Stephanie Inn exterior aerial
Stephanie Inn Aerial View

Imagine working on one of the most cherished destinations on Oregon Coast’s world class Cannon Beach over a series of projects spread over decades to evolve an iconic property over time to meet the needs of the most discerning guests. 

Now imagine that the most recent project was a large and complex renovation to rejuvenate and elevate the guest experience to new heights. And that the renovation had to be compressed into a short few months to meet a hard stop of guest reservations booked solid with absolutely no wiggle room for “heads on beds.” 

This is the story of our most recent comprehensive renovation of the historic Stephanie Inn, long admired for its timeless charm and exceptional hospitality.  The story is differentiated by its incredibly demanding attention to every detail of high design and craftsmanship of construction, further complicated by overlaying one of the industry’s most challenging times for accessing materials and labor, and subsequently requiring an “all hands-on deck” approach to four months of implementation. 

Project Objectives: 

  • Enhanced Comfort and Elegance: Redefine luxury by refurbishing guest rooms, suites, and common areas with modern amenities, sumptuous furnishings, and refined décor that exudes coastal sophistication. 
  • Expanded Amenities: Introduce new amenities and services to cater to the diverse needs of guests, including spa facilities, fitness center, curated dining experiences, and personalized concierge services. 
  • Sustainability Initiatives: Implement eco-friendly practices and technologies to minimize the inn’s environmental footprint while preserving the natural beauty of Cannon Beach. 
  • Preservation of Heritage: Respect and honor the rich heritage and character of the Stephanie Inn by preserving its architectural integrity and cultural significance throughout the renovation process. 
  • Seamless Guest Experience: Ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience for guests during the renovation period, with minimal disruption to their stay and an unwavering commitment to exceptional service. 

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