Diversity and Inclusion

Any high-performing team is made up of individuals, and embracing diversity is just as important as working together.

“Harassment is pervasive on many jobsites and poses a significant barrier to the recruitment and retention of women and workers of color in the industry” (CIOB).

Designing and building anything starts with collecting all the necessary components to make it happen. Maybe that is a pencil and ruler, maybe it is a camera and computer, maybe it is a hammer and a block of wood. It takes lots of different materials, currencies, patterns, colors, and space. It takes ideas, time, skills and even failure to construct anything. And none of those things can happen without the most essential component, the People.

Yes, machines can perform tasks of manual labor. Yes, A.I. can compile words into a message. Technologies such as these are how we, the People, innovate and gain success as high performing teams. But technology is a tool, and it is only ever as good as the people who wield it. Humans can do what technology cannot. We can work together, brainstorm together, and build communities together. The highest level of success can only be achieved in a culture of communication, care, and inclusion. Teams that embrace one another’s diversity of cultural beliefs, professional experience, neurology, gender orientation, and color can accomplish any task, together. Not only do they construct great things, they create environments free from discrimination and harassment, full of curiosity and awareness. This happens step by step, day by day, with every action and every word. Be conscious of microaggressions, be considerate of the paths others are on, and be proud of how you took part in evolving the design and construction industry today.