Introducing the O’Brien Dashboard

O’Brien and Company has seen some major growth over the last few years. As we bring new people and projects into the company, it’s more important than ever that we communicate and stay organized.

We present our new company Dashboard. This is a website designed to get you the information you need, when you need it. All of our technology tools can now be accessed quickly from one place. Here you’ll find links to timecards, project coordination tools, resources, learning materials, and more.

The Dashboard’s News section brings us updates on important events and new developments from all around the company. If there is an exciting new development on your project, in your division, or in the industry, feel free to submit a news post.

If you’d rather show us your work, not tell, then we invite you to add progress photos to your division’s photos folder. The Dashboard’s image gallery is a place to show everyone what you’ve been working on.

This Dashboard is designed to make us more efficient and organized. If you notice anything missing, or anything that can be improved, please let us know. You can find the feedback form below the Quick Links section of the Dashboard.

Thank you to everyone working hard to define our company’s processes.

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