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Rendering of the Whaler Hotel

The Eco-Conscious Design Strategy of Connecting with Nature

Understanding the significance of biophilic sustainable initiatives. “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.” -Edmund Burke With numerous O’Brien and Open Concept projects on the boards and in construction along the Oregon coast, several are noteworthy for their emphasis on direct connections to nature. Projects […]
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Prefabrication and Our Future

Do you know we need to double the number of our buildings in the next 40 years to support our growing population, that a majority of people now can’t afford a decent house or that 50% of our landfills are construction waste? How do we solve such issues? Prefabrication! At O’Brien we have the technology, […]
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Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we are talking about it! In order to break the stigma and create safe environments for these discussions we have to make time every month, every day and in every meeting for this issue. According to the CDC, construction has the highest suicide rate of all industries, at […]
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Hands-On Learning

Nestucca High School’s hands-on learning program has been featured in the Pacific City Sun. Our role in building the Nestucca school building didn’t stop at construction, but continued on as David, Shane, and Elly taught courses to the students. You can find the cover story here. Just scroll to page 6.
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…and the nominations for 2023 are…

It’s Design Build Institute of America (DBIA) Awards submission season and we want your nominations for our worthy Design Build projects that meet the specific criteria outlined below and will be selected as AWARD WINNING! Please email your nominations by noon on Tuesday, May 2nd to michelle.winningham@obrien-co.com Projects must meet these minimum requirements: Note: We […]
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April Showers at Cho Wines

Collaboration in action: Everyone pitches in to get through a sticky situation Cho Wines is best known for making Willamette Valley pinot noir and sparkling wines with grapes grown at high elevations With Cho Wines’ new tasting room and winery building projected for completion early next year, our team is moving forward to be ready […]
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