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Employee Spotlight: Shane Curl

“I have worked with Shane for almost four years now, and that entire time he has been my primary mentor, and a great one at that! Shane has done it all, and his loyalty is unmatched. He has been working with the O’Brien family for the last 25 years, and in that time, he’s built […]
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Employee Spotlight: Randi Lacy

“Randi joined OCA right after graduation, and over the year and a half that I’ve gotten to know her, she’s shown an impressive willingness to jump into projects and help facilitate in whatever capacity is needed. She maintains an extremely high bar for herself, she’s selfless, and she brings a calm, steady, and stabilizing presence […]
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Dave and Chris

Employee Spotlight: Dave Deardorff

“I’ve known Dave since we started working together 33 years ago in 1990. In that time, we have worked on projects together too numerous to count, many hours and endless days working shoulder to shoulder. I know Dave to be a close friend, an excellent craftsman, a skillful builder, and a problem-solver with decades of […]
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Employee Spotlight: Elly Carroll

“Elly is a shining example of how you can work your way up in the company.  Having worked multiple roles, Elly knows the company inside and out. She is a perfect fit for HR Director because her experience allows her to put herself in other’s shoes. She does so much work for our employees that […]
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Employee Spotlight: Ryan Snead

People who learn and ask questions go far. With his communication skills and drive he clearly has a bright future ahead of him. I have worked with Ryan for around 6 months remotely, having him in the coast office while he is living with his family in eastern Oregon. Taking on a remote, mixed-style role […]
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Employee Spotlight: Joel Braun

Joel and I grew up in the same small town, Banks, and became friends in our teenage years while driving around listening to music on our car stereo systems. Our first jobs together were at local gas stations and now here we are both at O’Brien, continuing to work together. I joined O’Brien about 13 […]
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Employee Spotlight: Chrisi Cover

Welcome to our third Employee Spotlight post! We hope that you are enjoying learning more about members of our team through this new format. Please reach out to us if you have people in mind for future Employee Spotlight posts. Today’s post features Chrisi Cover, who has been promoted to the position of Accounting Manager […]
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Hank and Carol at the Valley office

Employee Spotlight: Carol Depiante

Carol is a good team member to spotlight because her evolving role clearly shows how O’Brien is working to elevate and promote people. When I first began working with her, Carol was in a training role in which she created an environment of trust and a can-do attitude while helping our team learn and better […]
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