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OBrien equipment truck

Safe Driver Award: Elly

The Monthly Safe Driver Award is BACK! Congratulations Elly for being our first Safe Driver of 2024! There are some questions around the Safe Driver Award and how we come to the decision, so I’ll answer the more frequently asked questions. The first three metrics that are weighed are: Hard Stops, Harsh Cornering, and Fast […]
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Employee Spotlight: Jeff Stafford

Jeff joined the O’Brien team in 2020, and over the 3.5 years I’ve known and worked with him, I’ve found him to be honest, thoughtful, and to have a straightforward no-nonsense approach to his work.  I’m proud to call him my friend and to have him represent O’Brien on our projects. When Jeff commits himself […]
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Derek and Family in front of their house under construction

Employee Spotlight: Derek Salo

When Derek came to O’Brien, he was first hired as a project engineer, and that was when we were doing the Nestucca K-8 School. He definitely showed a lot of talent and abilities to really take on more. When the previous project manager left he became the new PM for the K-8, so he kind […]
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Photo of Greg Perl

Employee Spotlight: Greg Perl

“First, Greg is the best superintendent I’ve had the opportunity to work with in my career this far.  Some supers can push a schedule but miss all the details, some pick up all the small things but can’t keep the project moving.  Few supers can effectively do both.  Greg is one of these few.  Second, […]
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Employee Spotlight: Hank Smith

“Getting to know Hank was simple as I found Hank to be straight forward. His easy-going personality and excellent builder experience informs his questions and his commonsense outlook make for quick solutions. Hank has been here since the foundation of the company. His leadership has built a reputation for completed beautiful wineries that owners can […]
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Employee Spotlight: Sarah Young

“Sarah is part of the lifeblood of our company. She truly embodies our core values of trust, collaboration, and innovation. Sarah’s honesty and transparency assures that you can trust she has your best interests at heart. She is constantly looking at ways we can improve as a team and deliver the best product to our […]
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Employee Spotlight: Shane Curl

“I have worked with Shane for almost four years now, and that entire time he has been my primary mentor, and a great one at that! Shane has done it all, and his loyalty is unmatched. He has been working with the O’Brien family for the last 25 years, and in that time, he’s built […]
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Employee Spotlight: Randi Lacy

“Randi joined OCA right after graduation, and over the year and a half that I’ve gotten to know her, she’s shown an impressive willingness to jump into projects and help facilitate in whatever capacity is needed. She maintains an extremely high bar for herself, she’s selfless, and she brings a calm, steady, and stabilizing presence […]
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