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greg pitts on a construction site by the ocean

Employee Spotlight: Greg Pitts

Greg is great choice to spotlight for the O’Brien team mainly due to his tenure at the coast in general.  His knowledge and skill level have steadily increased over the years.  Greg’s knowledge of building is firmly rooted in the best practices that are required during the assembly of lasting structures here at the coast. […]
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Portrait photo of O'Brien team member Alex Noble

Safe Driver Award: Alex Noble

We’re thrilled to announce our Safe Driver Award recipient! Through diligence, responsibility, and a commitment to road safety, Alex Noble has stood out among their peers as an exemplary model of safe driving practices. Their dedication to following traffic laws, maintaining focus behind the wheel, and prioritizing the well-being of themselves and others on the […]
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Employee Spotlight: Alex Mallett

Alex Mallet stood out to me from the moment I joined the O’Brien team in spring of 2023. Amidst transitions within the Marketing Team, Alex impressively stretched his skills to produce proposals and marketing materials. It became evident that Alex embodies O’Brien’s core values of Trust, Collaboration, and Innovation. Getting to know Alex revealed his […]
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Safe Driver Award: Chris Mallett

Congratulations Chris Mallett for being our next Safe Driver of 2024! Winter often gets all the attention for hazardous road conditions, but spring driving has safety hazards of its own. Here are ten spring driving safety tips to help reduce your risk. 1 – Keep an eye out for potholes. Roads take a beating through […]
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Employee Spotlight: Kris Dennis

Kris is a positive employee who started as a laborer in the field and has worked himself into a key cog on the Equipment Team and in the company.  I’ve been working with him for the past 2.5 years. He has worked hard to learn the business, increase his knowledge and skill base, is willing […]
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OBrien equipment truck

Safe Driver Award: Elly

The Monthly Safe Driver Award is BACK! Congratulations Elly for being our first Safe Driver of 2024! There are some questions around the Safe Driver Award and how we come to the decision, so I’ll answer the more frequently asked questions. The first three metrics that are weighed are: Hard Stops, Harsh Cornering, and Fast […]
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Employee Spotlight: Jeff Stafford

Jeff joined the O’Brien team in 2020, and over the 3.5 years I’ve known and worked with him, I’ve found him to be honest, thoughtful, and to have a straightforward no-nonsense approach to his work.  I’m proud to call him my friend and to have him represent O’Brien on our projects. When Jeff commits himself […]
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Derek and Family in front of their house under construction

Employee Spotlight: Derek Salo

When Derek came to O’Brien, he was first hired as a project engineer, and that was when we were doing the Nestucca K-8 School. He definitely showed a lot of talent and abilities to really take on more. When the previous project manager left he became the new PM for the K-8, so he kind […]
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Photo of Greg Perl

Employee Spotlight: Greg Perl

“First, Greg is the best superintendent I’ve had the opportunity to work with in my career this far.  Some supers can push a schedule but miss all the details, some pick up all the small things but can’t keep the project moving.  Few supers can effectively do both.  Greg is one of these few.  Second, […]
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