Quantified Value, Integrated Technologies, Virtual Design + Construction, Systems Thinking

Yates Point Hotel is a 7-story cross-laminated timber (CLT) structure that exemplifies creating more density in a way that still feels comfortable.

The story of the Yates Point Hotel design build project had a messy beginning. Another design firm had created inefficient base documents that were over budget, disconnected from geographical context, and did not reflect client goals.

Our integrated team empowered the owner to explore new approaches to align with their mission, returning hope to the process and transforming the project. And it wasn’t just our engaging personalities that convinced them to reimagine what is possible. Our team employed new approaches to analysis, technology, and systems thinking to create a better process and a better building.

Designed to capture Bend’s beauty and uniqueness, the project will be built around existing Ponderosa pine trees, nestled into the existing hillside, constructed with wood to celebrate as an abstraction of the surrounding forests.

Passive solar shading along the primary south and west facing building elevations informs the exterior design, reducing energy loads for mechanical systems. Prefabricated insulated wood wall panels, photovoltaic (PV) panels at roof, and potential for solar water heating round out the new building’s sustainability aspects.

Yates Point Hotel’s renewable materials are more resilient to forest fires. Its sustainable approaches illustrate the possibilities when we step outside the box and tailor a project to a specific community. This pivotal project creates a new place that is high performing and wholly engrained within its site context and the region’s native ecosystem.