“I’ve known Dakota for almost 1 year. I’ve been helping him train to become a superintendent for O’Brien. He has worked his way up the company and was just recently promoted. It was well deserved. Dakota is a good person to choose for this spotlight because he is very eager and willing to learn. He upholds our core values, in his work and home life as well. He steps up when he is needed or asked. He’s a team player. I see Dakota being a solid superintendent for his future at O’Brien.”

-Jim Tobin, Senior Superintendent for Portland

Q&A with Dakota

I grew up in the construction industry with my dad owning a company building pole barns, shops, and garages. I have been on jobsites since I was old enough to pick up nails off the ground. I have tried my hand at being a mechanic, a commercial fisherman, doing home maintenance and I built camp trailers for 3 years in Pendleton Oregon. I have found construction to be much more rewarding.

Being able to see the previous projects we have done years later. And it brings back the memories of the job. All the people involved and what it took to complete it. The relationships that we are able to build with the owners, our co-workers, and subs. And being able to say I work for the company that built that or I was a part of that project it just gives you that gratification and pays for all the hard work that we all put in.

Honestly, I am proud of every project that I have had the opportunity to work on. Although the most rewarding project was the playground that we built at the Nestucca k-8 school. It was something out of the ordinary and something I had never done. Being able to see and hear the joy of the kids that went from a one slide outdated playground to this amazing new playground with two slides, a space ball, multiple other pieces of equipment and rubber turf! That has to be the one that I am the proudest of.

I was hired out of the Cannon Beach office, I was born and raised in Tillamook Oregon just under a hour away.

I am a big believer in supporting small local businesses. One of my favorite places to eat would be East on West in Netarts. They have amazing smash burgers and Philly cheese steaks. If you’re ever in the area I highly recommend looking them up. As for my favorite spots to visit, I enjoy being on the water either on a boat, on the bank, or in it, or being up in the woods. I also love spending time with my family wherever that takes us.

Good communication is key to a smoothly operated project. We have a wealth of knowledge in every aspect of construction within our team and if you’re struggling with something its almost guaranteed that someone has a solution for your task.

This year I have managed to reach a few goals that I have set for myself thanks to my family, friends and the O’Brien team/family for believing in me and helping me get to where I am today.

Set goals for yourself and check them off one at a time. That goes for at work and your personal life as well. Always have a positive attitude. If you don’t know how to do something ask for help or advice. Nobody will think of you any different. We are here to help you grow, learn and achieve your goals.

People who learn and ask questions go far. With his communication skills and drive he clearly has a bright future ahead of him.

I have worked with Ryan for around 6 months remotely, having him in the coast office while he is living with his family in eastern Oregon. Taking on a remote, mixed-style role has really helped him embed and integrate himself into a wider array of projects and collaborate with new teammates.

Ryan is a man who chases things down, not afraid to put his bags on, jump in, and do whatever is necessary to get the job done. He embodies the core values of O’Brien through his consistency and dedication to the work. 

-Derek Salo, Project Manager, Coast Office

Q&A with Ryan

I just enjoy building, and I like getting into the details and the minutiae of projects.

It’s fulfilling to be part of something large that you can be a part of all the way through. There are times when it can be not as fun, but seeing projects through is very rewarding.

Being able to collaborate across distances, being involved in construction innovation, helping other offices and managers, and sharing knowledge.

Working with Joel Braun at Stephanie Inn, coming into a job partway through and doing whatever needs to be done to keep it on track and moving forward.

In Bend, Spork is my go-to for a carnitas sando. Mt. Bachelor and Elk Lake for snowmobiling.

Having the opportunity to work with and learn from the Coast team. It’s a big team that works on a wide array of projects.

You never know when opportunities are coming.

Be ready, learn, get challenged, and get the job done. Jump in there and do! Your drive will take you as far as you are willing to go.

It’s time to save the date for our annual holiday party! We are focusing on being thankful this year so our party will be in November instead of December.

We are excited to have it at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum this year. We will be on the Space Museum side. It’s a fun and unique place to bring us all together. Plus there’s a water park next door called Wings and Waves Waterpark! Discounted water park tickets are available for purchase.

Please let me know how many adults and children will be attending the holiday party when you RSVP.