April Showers at Cho Wines

Collaboration in action: Everyone pitches in to get through a sticky situation

Cho Wines is best known for making Willamette Valley pinot noir and sparkling wines with grapes grown at high elevations

With Cho Wines’ new tasting room and winery building projected for completion early next year, our team is moving forward to be ready for preconstruction and demolition to begin the first week of May.

Along with the proverbial May flowers, our team found that April’s showers brought a big MUD PIT to the job site at Cho Wines. And while that temporarily slowed down our progress unloading the prefabricated building components that will be their new production room, everyone involved pitched in to get the job done.

Yes, our machinery got stuck in the mud. Yes, our team was covered in mud. Yes, we eventually prevailed because literally everyone involved pitched in to help.

Our Project Manager, Carol Depiante, and Superintendent Will Salser, put out the call for help which was answered by Michael Pumputis, who drove to the jobsite with reinforcements. Cho Wines’ management team pitched in right alongside us while owners Lois and David Cho took photos and videos of the team in action.

When we asked Carol about lessons learned from this muddy collaboration, she didn’t miss a beat with her response, “Don’t order too early in the season…!”